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Review After Watching


Sep 25, 2019

Our favorite PTSD Hero is back! Join us as we discuss his latest foray in the macabre, as we are joined by a fan of the show AND of the Rambo films. He will give us inside information and give you all the details on Stalone's latest film


Sep 24, 2019

Well...less of a "report" and more of an "argument"...but we discuss things. I guess. Kinda.

Sep 23, 2019

Brad Pitt in Space?!? Sounds like a recipe for success to us, but does the film actually take us out of this world, or does gravity keep it firmly attached to the bottom of the barrel?

Sep 13, 2019

Jennifer Lopez. Cardi B. Stripper Poles. Movie of the year?!?
(Well, there might be an extremely engaging and heartfelt crime caper mixed in there too....) :)

Sep 10, 2019

While our words of wisdom are still lacking the...wisdom part, we discuss all the weeks releases, including "IT: Chapter 2"